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                About Robotphoenix


                Robotphoenix is committed to promoting the national industrial intelligence process and becoming the international top brands of parallel robot. Adhering to its development purpose of creating excellent products with state-of-art technology and providing high quality service with professional efficiency, the company spares no effort to build a strong team of R&D experts.

                They realized the breakthrough of core technical difficulties through systematic research on the key technology of the parallel robot, providing high quality and optimal cost-effective products and best service for global customers. In recent years, the company's flagship product, BAT Parallel Robot has withstood the market’s test, and been widely applied in the process of sorting, handling, packaging, coating, stacking and others that are involved in industries of food, medicine, photovoltaic, consumer electronics, daily chemicals, logistics and so on.

                These robots have also been exported to other countries and won the recognition and good feedback by all customers both domestic and abroad.

                Company Culture


                Company Vision

                Take the responsibility of moving forward the progress of national industrial intelligence, dedicate to becoming the world top robot brand.

                Development Philosophy

                Create excellent products with state-of-art technology
                Provide high quality service with professionalism and high efficiency

                Management Principle

                Integrity  Perfection  Hard- work  Innovation

                Service Promise

                Committed to services with professionalism, high-efficiency and customer-satisfaction

                Company Honor


                Breaking News



                2017 ROBOTPHOENIX continues to grow
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